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Applications! [
1.21.09 - 4:20 pm
Applications for Fall '09 are up!  yay!

Actually, they came out yesterday, but the website was being all weird because some programmer didn't know what they were doing.  So everyone who watched the e-presentation wasn't able to select that they watched the e-presentation.  We all just chose a college and told the people scheduling the interview what was up.  I emailed tech support, too, even though I knew that hundreds of people had already probably emailed them.  I had to email them, though, because the role I really, really want (photopass) wasn't on the role checklist even though it's all over the website as a potential role.  I got back an awesome Disney email, complete with sideways smiley faces.  Even the tech support people are cheery.
It turns out that some HR person typed in something wrong while they were watching the presentation and screwed up the application for everyone.  And the checklist thing, this is what they sent me: "They were also not certain if Photopass was going to be an option this season.  We had to leave it on the role listing on the site due to the scheduled site update.  The understanding is that what is listed on the Role Checklist is what is actually available.  Recruiting was given the go ahead this morning and it is now on the Role Checklist."  YAY!  I get to choose it now!  Because I emailed them, I'm sure, they had to go investigate.  So I'm pretty happy about that.
My selected roles are (in order): Photopass Photographer, Attractions (I'm going to specify high-spieling like Jungle Cruise or the Great Movie Ride), and Character Attendant.  I can't decide if I want to include Character Performer or not.  My friend Jennie just found out she's friends with Belle, so I'm pretty jealous.
Anyways, my interview is Tuesday at 2:45 with Annette.  Hopefully I can have a chance to plead my case for why I had to term early!  Freakin tonsils.  Ugh.

Wish me luck!

8.1.08 - 10:34 am
If anyone wants a postcard from me, let me know!  I've got a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge stack of Camp Rock postcards here.  I need to send them out.  Give me your address if you want one!

So here's the deelio [
6.1.08 - 9:12 pm
I don't know if I said this, but I had to self-term my CP a week before it ended.  I was sick almost the entire time I was at Disney World, and at Christmas, the doctor said that staying would be detrimental to my health and that I needed to go home immediately and get my tonsils looked at, as I had been at the doctor's for a severe sore throat every month since I arrived.  My record card was horrible.  I called in the maximum number of times every month because I was so sick.  On top of the chronic tonsillitis, I had a car wreck that messed me up, I had severe dehydration that landed me in the hospital (sorry to be graphic:) urinating blood, and I had a stomach thing that got me to the hospital again almost overnight because I was puking every three minutes and they couldn't get it to stop.  So yeah, health-wise, my program sucked and I had to go home.  My managers had actually told me to go home months before, but I couldn't do it.  Finally, though, at Christmas, I reached the point where I couldn't go to work at all.  I felt bad leaving during the busiest week of the year, but my health was in jeopardy.  I got home and, within a month, had my tonsils removed.  It was horrible.  The whole time I kept wanting to go back.  I don't regret leaving early because it was what was necessary, but I loved it down there and I want to experience it all over again.

So that's what I'm doing.  In the spring, I will be applying for the Fall Advantage '09 program.  It will be right after graduation, and it will give me a chance to figure out what I want to do after college.  The problem I foresee, though, is my record card and self-termination.  If they give me a chance to explain about my health problems and talk to my old managers, they will see that I was an incredibly hard worker who worked, literally, to the point of exhaustion.  I loved my job, I loved my co-workers, I loved my managers, I loved my apartment, I loved everything about the program (except for the obvious illnesses).  I never called in because I was lazy and didn't feel like going to work.  I know lots of CPs do that, and it was because of them that my record card looked the way it does.  Because of the CPs who abused the point system, I was punished for being sick.  And thank god my managers understood that and would commiserate with me. 

So cross your fingers!  I've been wanting to do this since the day I left, and I know that there is a chance they won't accept me, but, also, I know that they understand things come up and people get sick being in a new environment.  So hopefully they will understand and let me go back. 

3.26.08 - 12:11 am
Somewhere along the way, I lost track of time.  I'm starting to feel like I've missed out on a huge chunk of my life, but, at the same time, I don't really feel like I needed those experiences.  At some point I jumped from Kindergarten to a senior in College and just skipped everything in the middle.  What happened to having sleepovers and crushes on cute boys?  Why didn't I ever experience that?  Where was I?  What was I doing?  I know my friends were doing it because they'd come to school and regale me with their latest stories about growing up and social life.  What was I doing?  What was so important that I couldn't stop and watch silly shows on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel or learn to dance by myself without being taught the steps?  How did this happen?
Honestly, I have no idea how I spent my school years.  Sure, I had friends, but no one that I would go visit after school or on the weekends.  I was that odd-numbered member of the group that was singled out to do things on their own.  Wanna go to the amusement park?  Yeah!  Oh, this ride seats two to a seat...Aurora can sit by herself behind us!  I was the one everyone told everyone else to call.  Is Aurora coming?  I don't know, didn't you call her?  No, I thought you did...  And there I'd be, Monday morning, listening to them talk about the movie they had all gone to see or the thing they all did together without me.
What was I doing in High School, the years everyone talks about...friends, parties, driver's licenses, prom, graduation.  Where was I for all of that?  I was certainly at school.  I was certainly active in school; honor's classes, president of Beta, FBLA champion, Varsity Cheerleader.  But where were my friends?  Where was the social aspect?  What in the world was I doing?  I suppose it has to do with the move half-way through my sophomore year.  I had just established myself at my former school, just figured out who I wanted to hang out with and found people that enjoyed my company and wanted to do things with me, and then I moved to a new state, a new culture.  I never fit in here.  I never wanted anything to do with the down-home culture of this place.  I had left people I spent the better part of my life with (albeit just at school) for a completely new, completely foreign-to-me world.  No one here had any qualities I wanted in a friend.  Call me superficial, but I just don't want a tobacco-chewing, pickup-truck-driving, country/rap-listening, less-intelligent-than-me person for a friend.  I want someone equal to me.  I want someone who shares my beliefs, or at least respects them.  I never found that in High School.
And what about all of these relationships I was supposed to form in High School and College?  I've had a total of 2, count 'em, 2 relationships.  One of them broke up with me because I had mono and I broke up with the other one because I realized I had only let him into my life out of convenience.  Where was the high school sweetheart?  The girly crush I was supposed to have on the boy across the classroom?  The awkward prom date?  What was wrong with me that the only time a guy told me he really, genuinely liked me was after I moved?  Why couldn't he have said something before I moved in the months we knew each other? 
Am I that intimidating?
Where was my desire to follow all things popular?  Shouldn't I like the same things other people my age like?  Shouldn't I only like them because other people do and then forget about them later?  Where are my teenage years of following everyone else to find myself?  Did I really find myself so long ago that I just skipped the social development stages of adolescence?  Was I that much more advanced than my peers both intellectually and socially?  I hope to god not.
I feel like I'm currently going through a regression.  I'm watching the Disney Channel and wanting to go to dances for the fun of dressing up and going.  I'm listening to music popular with the middle school crowd (I'm looking at you, Jonas Brothers).  I see the pictures of people I know experiencing their prom and wonder what it would have been like if I had actually cared.  I'm still pretty set on my not-experiencing-graduation thing, though.  I don't understand ceremony.  I still wish I had felt the excitement of ending High School, but I just saw it as another summer vacation before starting another year of school.  I wonder what parties are like, what social events are like, what it's like to yell at your dorm neighbor at 3 in the morning to turn down the music or tv (granted, I experienced that to some degree last semester at Disney, but I think everyone knew everyone was too tired to deal with stuff like that...I hear it did happen a lot, though)

I'd have a crush on the cute boy across the classroom if I knew what classes he was in.

I've got a year left of college and I feel like I've missed out on everything that was supposed to happen up to this point.  I'm playing catch-up, and I don't know how appropriate that is.

2.10.08 - 1:30 pm
To my Media Productions professor:

Look, I just got my tonsils chopped out of my throat.  Sure, it may sound like a childish surgery, but it is still a surgery.  A surgery that requires a week off from working for recovery.  A surgery that, even after that week, leaves you in a crazy amount of pain. A surgery that makes you wake up some days with a mouth filled with blood and a pillow covered in blood.  A surgery whose recovery requires taking lots of pain medication.  Pain medication that puts you to sleep.  Pain in general that puts you to sleep.  As such, I have been asleep for two weeks now AND in the hospital for bleeding.  YOUR CLASS DOES NOT TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER MY HEALTH, I'm sorry.  I understand that you want the assigned work done, and I will get it to you, but requiring me to have the last two weeks' worth of work PLUS the current week's work done on Monday is ridiculous.  I don't know if you looked at the load of work that is, but that is 8 chapters to read, 2 chapters to present, and 100 pages of worksheets.  That's not to mention the video project that's due.  You know, the one you whose information you gave to the other people in the class, but neglected to send me?  The one whose information you sent me THURSDAY NIGHT and expect me to have shot and edited by MONDAY MORNING?!  That's three days to shoot and edit.  Three days to do that assignment, plus the two weeks' worth of assignments.  It wouldn't be so bad if you understood that I CAN NOT DO THIS.  On top of your ridiculous expectations, I do also have four other classes worth of work to make up.  So yeah, sorry that you're not going to have your video project tomorrow.  You can deal with it. 


2.7.08 - 3:57 pm
The tonsils have been out for a week and a half and they are kicking my butt.  As is school because I didn't get to do any homework last week, and this week I've been too fatigued from not eating to do homework.  So that's two weeks' worth PLUS next week's that I have to do this weekend.  8 chapters and a Concept video for MP, 3 chapter outlines for Theory, 2 books worth of reading and reflections for Cyberculture, three chapters for HoS, rescheduling a test and a bunch of reflections for Sociology, plus some stuff I'm probably missing because most of that was for the last two weeks.

But I've decided to make this my normal blog.  We'll see how this goes.

So in case you didn't hear... [
1.1.08 - 10:16 pm
...I self-termed last Saturday with less than a week left on my College Program.  I didn't want to, but for health-related reasons, I had to.  See, I was in Florida from May 16 to last Saturday.  I was sick so often that the doctors at the walk-in clinic and the nice guy at the Walgreens pharmacy recognized me.  Once a month, at least, I was sick.  I called in to work so many times that I should have been fired.  But I wasn't.  It got to the point in December where every week I had a new illness.  Every time, it was a severe sore throat, but not the same sore throat, if that makes any sense.  Finally, I had called in enough days that I didn't feel comfortable calling in anymore and I knew I would get terminated if I did it again, so I woke up early and self-termed.  Which meant that I had something like 2 hours to pack my entire apartment (I hadn't started packing yet), pick up stuff from the education office, and then turn in my key, id, and parking decal.  On top of that, I had to get to MGM to turn in my costumes and id and stuff AND leave with enough time to drive home to Atlanta.  I ended up finishing all of that and grabbing some lunch at Steak n Shake before heading out right at noon.  And I was sick.  So I think I did pretty awesome, time-wise.  Of course, I had to make the trip home with my boyfriend calling me every hour or so telling me to come visit him back at Chatham, even though we'll see each other when he gets home this weekend.

Anyways, I got home and went to bed to recover.  And then went to IKEA the next day because I needed a bed.  My parents decided while I was in Florida to get rid of my old bed.  So I got a pretty awesome one at IKEA and my dad and I put it together today.  It's pretty sweet.  And I got to re-arrange my room.  I haven't even started unpacking.  I'm going to look like a giant Disney freak when all is said and done, here.

Oh, and I went to an ENT when I got home....I have to get my tonsils removed.  So I've that to look forward to.

11.4.07 - 6:13 pm
Since it's been, what, over...3 months now that I've updated, I mean really, REALLY updated, I figure I'll take this little chunk of free time to do it.

I started out August sick.  With Scarlatina. 
Mom and Dad came to visit me for my birthday.  Which was nice.  They stayed at PO:R and I do believe they liked it.  The thing that sucked, though, was that that was the week where crowd levels were supposed to be super low, but instead they were super high and we had to keep extending park hours.  It was also blazing hot.  Needless to say, we didn't have a lot of fun at the parks.  We went to my grandmother's house for my actual birthday.  Most of my dad's side of the family was there.  I finally got my Magic Bullet, so I was super excited.  I haven't made a lot of stuff in it, other than drinks, and I just recently (like within the last week) figured out how to blend the drinks to a good consistency.
Also in August was my wonderful, wonderful car wreck.  I mentioned it in a small post, but I didn't share details.  See, I was going to class over at Vista Way one morning, and I got almost all the way to Vista when this woman pulled out of that Wendy's/Gas station there right into the side of my car.  We spun around and the next thing I know, she's asking me to tell the cops her husband was driving, when he clearly was not.  He wasn't even THERE.  She called him to come to the wreck.  So I call the cops, and before they can get there, this woman's sister, husband, and maybe her brother are all there.  She and her sister keep pressuring me into lying to the cops, which I'm obviously not going to do.  So the woman gives up, but her sister comes over and starts telling me that she wants to punch me in the face and using all manner of profanity.  Of course, I told the cop all of this, and what does he do?  He tells me to tell the husband, who promptly claims to have been there the whole time and denies anything like that ever happened.  The whole thing was just bizarre.  So Bethany had to come rescue me when I was within walking distance of Vista.  Then I had to deal with tow trucks and emptying the car and blah blah blah.  We did get free Mickey Premium bars, though.  So that was nice.  And then I started getting sick.  I went in to work the next day with horrible back pain.  Same thing the next day.  At some point, I was in so much pain I started throwing up.  So John and his roommate drove me to the hospital.  I was there until like 4 in the morning on IVs.  I threw up the whole time, too, only to leave with them telling me they didn't know what was up. So that sucked.  Oh, and because I had never used the buses before, I got stranded at Walgreens the first day because I didn't know the bus stopped running.  I was there for hours before someone could pick me up.

I continued not having a car for a whole month.  It sucked horribly.  I went to stay with my aunt and uncle, but they had to come pick me up and take me to walgreens to pick up medicine.  I learned that the walk between Chatham and Publix was only about five minutes and it was a pretty peaceful solo walk, so I did that a couple of times.  Eventually, though, my car did come back and I got to stop riding the bus!  Yay!  Also, I bought an annual pass to Universal and went there numerous times.  I definitely think the theming of Universal is way better than MGM.  And they have way better rides.  That crazy Mummy ride.  I've gone on that way too many times.
I don't remember much else about September.  I probably got sick a couple of times.

Last month was pretty uneventful.  Park hours shortened the last couple of months and it started cooling off, although not until the end of the month.  I was put at Golden Age the entire month of October and most of September.  I sing the Indiana Jones theme song in my sleep.  My parents were supposed to come visit for Halloween, but my mom ended up having to have surgery on a Herniated Disk, so I went up to visit them instead.  It was supposed to be a surprise, but that didn't work out.  John went with me.  As soon as we got back, though, I broke up with him.  Things have been weird ever since.
The break-up:
See, the thing about me is that I don't show a lot of interest in anything.  Christmas morning never excited me.  Opening presents never excited me.  Sure, I enjoy it, but I just don't jump up and down and hoot and holler.  I'm more reserved because there's always something better.  Something I didn't get.  My relationship with John is like that.  Most people would be overjoyed to have someone as nice and as caring and as wonderful as John.  I don't get excited over things like that.  I'm subdued.  I know you love me; you don't have to say it.  Telling me every day annoys me.  Sending me text messages in the morning telling me to have a good day are fine, but don't write me a sonnet every morning.  So I pushed him away.  No one understands why.  Every girl would kill to have someone take them to the hospital and hold their hand while they throw up tainted Gatorade.  And to be there everytime they get sick.  And to convince their managers to let them go home with their girlfriend because her mom is in the hospital and they don't want her driving home by herself.  I love that.  And I appreciate that.  It's everything else, though.  All the little things that shouldn't bother me but that drive me crazy.  Add them up and I want nothing to do with him.  So I told him.  He's immature and overbearing with his feelings.  He got emotional and told me he'd do anything to keep me, change anything about himself.  All I had to do was tell him.  I asked for a break.  As of right now, I have no idea what's going on with us.  I think maybe we're going out again.  It's just hard for me to put the past behind me.  I know I don't appreciate him like I should.  We'll see.

Went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party on the second with Kristin and some of my roommates.  As usual, my roommates drove me crazy, so I left them to go do whatever it is they do.  Kristin and I got pictures with as many characters as we could.  It was fun.  I should've had an autograph book.

Right now:
I'm getting to the point where I don't want to be around anyone for a long period of time.  I have spent every day since May in the presence of "other people" and I'm tired of it.  I don't want to come home and have to say "hi" and talk about my day with seven different people.  I want to come home and be by myself because I've spent the entire day trying not to freak out when guests don't understand that they have to come to the cash register to be rung up.  Okay, almost every outdoor merch location has a cart filled with bottles of water for $2 each.  The bottles are part of what we sell "in the store".  So why WHY do people insist on standing at the water and waving their money around while yelling at us when we have a line filled with people who want to buy things.  I'm sorry, but if you don't go into any other store and expect to be checked out any place other than the register, then WHY DO YOU DO IT HERE!?  Especially if you need change back.  If you're going to give me a twenty dollar bill for a two dollar bottle of water FOR CHRIST'S SAKE COME TO THE REGISTER SO I CAN GIVE YOU CHANGE!  YOU'RE PAYING WITH A CREDIT CARD!!  Jesus, people.  You're handing me a credit card and trusting me to take it to the register and just ring you up for water.  Oh?  Your card isn't signed?  I'm gonna need ID.  Don't get testy with me, ma'am.  Your card isn't signed.  I can't just take your word that it's you.  I know you know you're you, but I don't.  Oh, you suddenly have two dollars in cash?  Gee thanks.  SIR!  There is a line of people waiting here to check out.  I can not just ring you up for a bottle of water.  This isn't ketchup at McDonald's.  There's actually money being transacted.  Suddenly you don't want water so badly?  I hate you.
Also, Orlando people really can't drive.  If I have my turn signal on, it means I'm changing lanes.  I checked my mirrors, you weren't there.  DO NOT MERGE FROM BEHIND ME AND SPEED UP TO PASS ME AS I'M CHANGING LANES!!  Yeah, it's gonna seem like I cut you off.  Why did you want to be in that lane, anyways, when you ended up just getting off three lanes over? 

People are dumb.  I still stand by what I've said from the beginning.  I love what I do.  I love the college program.  I hate the living situation.

There are four ports on the back of our modem.  One of these ports is taken up by my router.  Seriously, check the cable you're unplugging.  If it runs into a big grey box instead of a laptop or nothing, DON'T FRIGGIN UNPLUG IT.

11.4.07 - 4:42 pm
If you're lucky, i'll post an update later tonight.

things that annoy me: [
9.20.07 - 9:51 am
I lose over $100 each week to rent and taxes.  That's like...half of my paycheck.  That's like...dumb.  I've never had a paycheck over $120 after rent and taxes.  Never.  And I work my buttonkus off each week.

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